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Citizens academy

The Citizen’s Academy is a seven-week program designed to provide Covina residents and employees first-hand information about how their police department works. The purpose of the Citizen’s Academy is to increase the understanding between the public and the police through education, making it easier for police and citizens to find realistic solutions to neighborhood problems while remaining transparent.

1 night a week for 7 weeks

Interactive & hands on

2 academies per year

Subjects are taught by experts in their field from police officers to judges and attorneys.

  • ZPatrol Procedures
  • ZArrest and Use of Force
  • ZIdentity Theft
  • ZNarcotics
  • ZK-9 Enforcement
  • ZFirearm Safety
  • ZGangs
  • ZCourt System
  • ZIdentity Theft
  • ZCommunity Policing
  • ZCrime Scene Procedures
  • ZPatrol Ride Along

Participants should be at least 21 years old with no outstanding warrants or open criminal cases. Although all are welcome, priority will be given to those who have ties to the City of Covina such as residents and those employed within the city.

For more information, contact our Crime Prevention Unit at 626.384.5630

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